The word Junipero is an amalgamation of Juniper, a tree found throughout the world; and Pero, which means 'to wear' in Hindi. This embodies our founder Drishti Dosti's core values and beliefs, as she strives to make this world more sustainable one step at a time!
Why did we REBRAND?
The past 5 years have been absolutely wonderful! To be honest, I’d never even thought my business would last 5 years when i had started my own shoe label! Nevertheless, looking back- I’m glad i started my brand 5 years ago on an impulse with little planning! 
‘Pivoting’ (and adapting) is definitely the essence of any business! ‘Entrepreneurship’ is literally like jumping off a cliff and then assembling an airplane on the way down! You solve unforeseen problems and ideate new strategies everyday! 
Over the last couple of months, I had been feeling disconnected with my brand name ‘Essdee Accessories’ as it didn’t really personify my beliefs and values of my footwear company! I’ve always maintained the philosophy of manufacturing sustainable and conscious products without harming this beautiful ecosystem we call Earth! 
In addition to this, I’ve always wanted to produce hand made shoes as, it not only uplifts the talented artisans of our country, but also helps them express their art-form in the most realistic and genuine way! 
Hence, i decided to finally re-brand my label from Essdee Accessories to Junipero, as it truly exemplifies my brand’s beliefs, values, ethics and vision! ‘Juniper’ is a common tree
found across the globe & ‘Pero’ means to wear in archaic Hindi. 
I’m super excited and stoked to unveil my new collection of sustainable and eco friendly footwear under my new brand name Junipero! Thank you for your continued love and support!


November 19, 2021 — Drishti order.essdee@gmail.com