Junipero personifies our brand values and core beliefs as we produce sustainable, eco friendly and cruelty free handmade products from vegan leather. Did you know that one cow is sacrificed for every twenty pairs of leather shoes ? Since our inception in 2017, we have already saved the lives of thousands of cows and other animals that are used for leather. This brand is an extension of our personality, wherein we make sure our expert artisans hand make each shoe with precision, love and care! At Junipero, we not only strive to save our planet but also uplift the lives of many around us. For every ten pairs of shoes we sell, we diligently donate one pair of shoes to the needy. It's time we all took a conscious step towards a better future by opting for guilt free, yet fashionable and chic footwear. Join our founder Drishti Doshi's vision by supporting her cause, one step at time!


The word Junipero is an amalgamation of Juniper, a tree found throughout the world; and Pero, which means 'to wear' in Hindi. This embodies our founder Drishti Dosti's core values and beliefs, as she strives to make this world more sustainable one step at a time!